Digital Marketing, Copywriting and SEO Content

Together we will increase the level of your project, so your business goals become a reality.

We create texts that improve your online visibility and turn the visits into clients.


Let’s identify the problems and find solutions to help you connect with your clients.


Dave Meler | Copywriter and SEO Content Writer

Applying copywriting techniques to your website’s texts to show your audience that they need you.

  With your help, I will write epic texts that will change your business life. Improving your website conversion and increasing your benefits. 

Dave Meler | Copywriter and SEO Content Writer

Through SEO content writing for your blog, I can help position your website with interesting information that attracts your readers and increase the visits to your website.

Let’s give them a reason to come back.

Dave Meler | Copywriter and SEO Content Writer

Do you want me to optimize your social networks so that they become part of your digital strategy?

You just need to ask.

Let’s make your social media one more tool to help your project grow.

Our clients opinions:

I am Dave Meler

Copywriter and SEO content writer. Together with my team, we help entrepreneurs to convert their visits into clients.

My parents used to say: “Study, so you will go far”. And that is how I ended 1554 km far from home.

I am a specialist in social networks and an SEO and SEM content writer. I have worked as a Community and Content Manager freelance for many companies in the international tourism sector. The last jobs I combined with my facet as a tour guide until one day I met “the copy” (copywriting).

I love history and travel.

I like writing so much that I wrote two books (and I am working on two more).

And now, together with my team, I help entrepreneurs like you to achieve their goals.

copywriting and SEO Content
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