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If you are here it is because you think we can help you with your project, and you want to know if I am the right team to do so.


Shall we take your cultural and tourism project to the next level? Let’s create together the texts that will improve your online visibility and convert (through words) your visits into customers.

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How many potential clients are you losing because they haven’t found you on the internet?

Are you tired of your website generating traffic but not converting? Do you feel that the texts on your page do not represent you 100% and are empty of content?

Yellow Pages are no longer a useful search method for users of the “digital generation”. Users spend more and more time searching for information on the internet about products and interacting with the brands they like. That is why your website must be a true reflection of your project, to connect with your visitors from the first moment.

If your texts don’t transmit the essence of your business well, this transforms into:

  • Loss of visibility.
  • The competition position gets better.
  • Damage your brand image.
  • And it makes you have to redouble your efforts to reach your users.
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Dave Meler SEO content writer and copywriting services


All of this happens because, perhaps, you are not reaching your right target audience.

Let us choose the ideal texts for your website or write attractive content that will bring you closer to your potential customers to increase your sales.


This is a good question that I still ask myself today.

But let’s go to what interests you: who am I, and why have I specialized in tourist and cultural projects?

I wanted to be a journalist, but since I did not have economic capacity at that time to go to study in Madrid or Pamplona, I opted for a degree in History (which I am passionate about) in my home town: Zaragoza.

But it didn’t stop there, I wasn’t willing to settle to end up working in a McDonald’s… I wanted to be in charge! So I studied classical philology and Japanese art.

My professional career soon led to teaching (in academies) and writing specialized articles on history, travel and culture.

However, the economic crisis of 2008 broke into my life and I didn’t think twice, I packed my bags and left in search of opportunities that I could not find in Spain.

“Study, so you will go far” my parents told me… and that is how I got 1554 km far from home.

In The Netherlands, I improved my English (actually I learned it, because no matter how much we say the vast majority of Spaniards have no idea of speaking it). I specialized in social media, SEO and SEM content writing.

I worked as a freelance for various companies in the international tourism sector as a Community and Content Manager. Jobs that I combined with my facet as a tour guide, something that I greatly enjoyed.

And now, together with my team, I help entrepreneurs like you to achieve their goals.

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Copywriting came into my life

Thanks to it I have learned to use words to achieve my business goals. And I have been fortunate to be able to combine my work life and my passion (history and travel) to focus on tourism and cultural projects.

about dave meler writerr copywriter content manager

🧐 About me

🤫 Shhhh, Can I tell you a funny story?

Why the name Dave Meler?

My real name is David Melero, but since I was a teenager many friends and acquaintances called me “Deivid” (English pronunciation of David, which sound different to the Spanish pronunciation), “Dave”… and various variants of it.

One day as an adult, in a restaurant with a friend, we ordered a bottle of wine. Curiously, her name was Meler, almost like my last name. My friend was very amused and Dave said to me: “you should sign your articles as Dave Meler (David Melero)… I know, i know!… He was young and rebellious (ha ha ha). That was over 12 years ago, and now I am not going to change it.

Today I combine my two passions:

“Learning from the past to improve the future by writing (history) and walking around the city with strangers (travellers)”.

Shall we start?

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