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I create quality content that improve the online visibility and, through the words, turn visits into potential customers.

I choose the right texts and write attractive SEO-optimized content that brings you closer to the right readers and increases your website traffic.

SEO content and cultural and tourism copywriting
SEO content and cultural and tourism copywriting


Organic traffic generated through content writing should be part of your online marketing strategy.

You might be asking yourself if a blog will give better to your company. The answer is yes.


A proper SEO content strategy is one of the best tools to attract customers, demonstrate authority and make yourself known.


I could focus on the negative side of not having a blog or a content writing strategy for your business project, instead I rather explain the positive side of why you should start a calendar of publications that attract the right visitiors to your website.


By generating quality content you add value to your project and you can even turn your readers into potential clients.


In recent years the organic traffic strategy has shifted compared to that of paid thaffic. Don’t make the mistake of thinking it is expendable. Taking care of your content should be part of your general customer acquisition strategy.


Actually you must do both complementary strategies. Take advantage of all the resources that the network gives you to reach your target audience. But do it properly.


It is not worth just reaching the largest number of people on the internet, it is much more important to reach the right users with the greatest potential to achieve your goals.

SEO content and cultural and tourism copywriting

Are you ready to create a SEO content writing strategy that is working for you 24/7 in order to attract new opportunities to your project?

SEO content writer and cultural and tourism copywriting

Creating quality publications takes time and effort, but in the end each post or article published will be a magnet to attract opportunities to your business.


Through content writing I can help you position your website with interesting information that attracts your readers and increases the traffic of visits to your page.


We are going to give them a reason to visit you again.


Using the right words and quality texts, I will make your website stop being invisible on the internet and connect with the right people.


According to surveys, 61% of users make a purchase after following the recommendations of a blog*.


Together we’ll make SEO-optimized content become another asset that opens doors to your company and changes the life of your website.

There are 1740 million* websites on the internet, but only 600 million* generate content, that’s a 35% of the total.


“I love writing so much that I have even written two books (and I am working on a couple more).


I graduated in History from the University of Zaragoza and in my early days I dedicated myself to teaching and writing articles for travel, history and culture magazines.


I have specialized in content writing for tourist and cultural projects, but I am not closed to anything, If I don’t know about a subject, I do my research until I almost become an expert. And if I think I’m not going to know how to do it well, I will tell you. I really value sleeping peacefully at night, I prefer a client less than a job poorly done.”

SEO content writer and copywriting
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How can I help you?


I will analyze your business and your target audience.

I will find the perfect theme for your texts and I will build solid pillars for your project.


We will define your brand strategy.

And based on it, I will choose the ideal tone that transmits what you are looking for and differentiates you from the competitors.


I will create an editorial calendar focused on getting results.

Helping your project to improve its positioning and conversion.


I give you the edited and optimized texts for SEO.

Ready to be published.

Or if you prefer, I’ll take care of uploading them online.

What my clients say about me

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