Copywriting services

You are just a click from potential customers, let’s show them why they need you.

I write the texts that are gonna change your project’s life. Together we will improve your website, increase the profits and reach your targets.

SEO content writer and copywriting services
SEO content writer and copywriting services

If you are on the internet it’s because your customers are there as well, these customers spend more and more time searching, comparing and interacting with other brands like yours.

That’s why your website must be an accurate reflection of your business.

Traditional methods are obsolete and the offer is endless. Now you need to captivate your visits ATTENTION from the very first time they land on your website.

I am sorry to say that an awesome design is not enough, you need to convince future customers that you are the perfect purchase option.

Let’s make an exercise:

  • Go to your website.
  • Read the texts in it and think carefully if they reflect, in a truthful way, the essence of your business.
  • Do these texts communicate everything you can do for your customers, so they understand, from the very beginning why they should choose you over the competitors?

If the answer is no, you are in the right place.

How many possible customers are you loosing just because your website does not connect with them?

If your site texts do not represent 100% your idea, or they are empty of content you are gonna end working twice as much to finally reach users. You are giving way to the competitors. It hurts the image of your project, moreover if you don’t choose the right words you will lose visibility on the Internet.

The online world is changing, that’s why now is more important that ever to CAPTIVATE AND MAINTAIN THE ATTENTION of your visitors.

You need them to bet on your brand and the only way to achieve that is through the power of the word.

That is the copywriting of your website.

Dave Meler SEO content writer and copywriting services

Now that you know what copywriting services are, you have two options:


Try to apply copywriting by yourself.

Invest time (that probably you need for other things) in: defining your own target, your value proposition, validate your idea, choose the right words for a better positioning, write optimized texts (with the risk to end blocked and never finish) and focusing on the right tasks to grow.

And do everything mentioned above with no help to consult.



Count on a professional copywriter.

Don’t break your head overthinking about what to say without looking like the typical commercial.

Delegate this task, so you can focus on what’s really important: your customers.

Be different than your competitors and position your website as something unique in the market.


Are you ready to apply copywriting to your website?

Let’s create an active for your project that works for you 24/7 in order to attract new opportunities to your project.

Satisfaction SEO content writer and copywriting services

I offer you an easy and affordable tool to reach all the potential of your website: Copywriting Services.

With your help I will compose epic texts that will change your business life.

Let me choose the perfect words for you, I will write them in an attractive way for the adequate audience.

Let’s identify the problems and find the solutions that will increase the visits to your website and will connect with your clients, so your benefits will be higher too.

Your website is your best online portfolio?, let’s make it memorable.

Lets “dust it off” and demonstrate your audience WHY do they need you. Let’s break the walls that keep your website reaching the next level.

You may have seen me in

I have worked with all kind of clients, from small entrepreneurs who sell tailored services, to companies that bill millions with more complex services, and I have always obtained positive results.

As Tom Cruise would say in “Jerry Maguire”:

SEO content writer and copywriting services
Show me the money | copywriting services


Web copywriting services

I write all the texts on your website. From the service pages, the home page, the “about me” to the contact form.

Copywriting for sales websites

Do you have a new product or a micro-product that you need to launch on the market?

I create the perfect sales for it.

Email marketing

I help you write an email if you don’t know where to start. 

Whether you are looking to retain your audience or create email sequences.

Copy for advertising

Thinking of launching an advertising campaign? It doesn’t matter if it’s online or conventional, I’ll write the scripts for you.

If you have not seen what you are looking for, ask me. If it is something that I can help you with, I will give you my proposal and if it’s something that is beyond my knowledge, I will recommend you to ask someone else, or I will ask you to keep looking.

I tell you step by step my work system:



First I want to know the needs of your project.

That’s why I propose a meeting via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime… The one that best suits you.

This way I will obtain all the necessary information to prepare a quote for copywriting services made to measure for you.


No one said this was going to be easy, we will have to work together.

With the budget and the confidentiality clauses, I will send you a series of forms to start the investigation that will allow me to create the perfect texts for your project.




Within the agreed period, I will give you the draft texts for you to review and give me your opinion.

So you can ask me any questions that arise or comment on all those things that you want to change if necessary.


Once all the improvements have been implemented so that the texts are to your liking, I give you the final project edited, layout and ready for its implementation.


Free consultancy

If you have come this far it is because you think I can help you with something.

Go ahead and ask. As they say: “there are no dumb questions, but people who don’t dare to ask”.

Talk to me about your project and let´s optimize you web 

Thank you for filling out the form, I will contact you within 72 hours.
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